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CampJS is organised by a large group of volunteers. Where privacy is not an issue, everything is organised in public in the Github issues.

If you would like to volunteer, you don't have to ask permission, just jump in. However if you're unsure, message one or many of us privately. We are happy to help.

During CampJS, you'll also find emergency contact numbers on your nametag.

Glen Arrowsmith - @garrows

General Organiser

Damon Oehlman - @damonoehlman

Sponsorships & Finance

Anna Gerber - @AnnaGerber

Scheduling and Zine

Craig Sharkie - @twalve

Sponsorships & Scholarships

Tim Oxley - @secoif

Traditional Founding Father of CampJS

Cathy Lill - @cathyblabla

Advisor and Childcare Organisation

Maurice Butler - @butlermaurice

General Busy Body

Adam Brady - @adam__brady

General Busy Body

Luke Brooker - @lukebrooker

CampJS Website